In 2012, I wrote a post about the Fake Fine. That Fine that people default to when they don’t really talk about how they are, or when they assume that your “how are you?” is not a genuine question. The Fine that is the automatic response to test how interested someone is in the real response.

But recently, I’ve noticed a new word creeping in.


Q: How are you?

A: Busy. 

It’s the new default. The new fine.

It bothers me, because it’s almost become a badge of honour. As though there’s a competition to be the most busy. Because busy means successful. Important. In demand. And it’s not just at work. When did we all get into a competition to be the most busy?

So I’m trying not to use it. And I’m trying to ask others more, pushing past the busy.

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2 Responses to Busyness

  1. Ha ha, you must have had a conversation with me recently! That’s my default answer at the moment. Maybe I should try to use it less too!!

    • hannahrr says:

      It’s amazing how often it gets used once you start to notice. I’m not trying to say that nobody is busy – but actually it doesn’t answer the “how are you” question. Busy could be good, because life is full and exciting. Or it could be bad, because it’s too much, stressful and overwhelming. Like Fine it can be an attempt to plaster over a multitude of feelings, because we’re scared of opening up and being real about how we actually are 🙂

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