Make it count

I’ve been trying to write a post about time for a while now. It’s taken me about an hour and I’ve just deleted it all to start again. Thereby probably illustrating the point I was trying to make. 

My point – simplistically – is that whilst my contracted work hours make up around 20 per cent of my week, there’s an additional 10 per cent or so that is geared around work. I’ve been thinking about this today because I’ve been working from home and – without the need for proper work clothes/make-up/tidy hair or travelling to and from the office – I’ve been amazed with how much I’ve managed to get done.

The 10 per cent is made up of travel, lunch hours, extra bits of work and odd bits of time that sneak in around the edges. It’s not work but it’s about work and I just wonder if there’s a way that I can use it more productively. So that it doesn’t feel like work but feels more like my own time. So many people seem to struggle with not having enough time, but surely it’s more a case of how we use the time that we do have? How do we make it count?

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