Who you gonna call?

To you I call, O Lord my rock…

The opening to Psalm 28. I read it this morning and stopped to think, to reflect on the message the God might want me to take from these words this morning.

And what do I hear?

Who you gonna call? … Ghostbusters!

Deep, meaningful … hmmm. But then again, who do I call? Often when I’m talking to people who are feeling lonely, they do talk about having nobody to call when they’re feeling down. Who do you call to cheer you up? To listen to your rant? To share your joy? To help you? Often it’s a partner or a family member or a close friend. The oft-repeated phrase used to express true friendship or true love – “they’re just always there for me …”

David opens his psalm by affirming God’s place. God is the one he calls to first. God will always be here, the description of God that follows confirms this:

Oh Lord my rock …

A rock is so solid and comfortable – it’s not going anywhere. I’m reminded of another phrase – a solid lump of comfort – it’s a phrase used in the Chalet School books to describe someone’s husband who has been particularly steadfast through a tricky situation.

But what is God saying to me? How do I put these together?

God is a rock, he is unchanging and steadfast. He is my solid lump of comfort. And it should be to him that I call, regardless of circumstances, and he will be there to hear me.

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