I’ve had two pictures in the last couple of days. Someone shared one with me yesterday – I was in a canoe, drifting down a river in beautiful surroundings. It wasn’t necessary to paddle, just every now and again, to dip a paddle in one side or the other to steady myself, or steady my course.

The other image comes from a blog that I’ve been reading recently: chattingatthesky It talks about currents in the sea and how relaxing and allowing yourself to drift with the current is easier than staying steady as a rock.

It all reminded me of how much I enjoy swimming and being on boats, and even in canoes/kayaks when the water’s reasonably calm. I like going with the flow when actual water is involved. It’s the figurative flowing that I find a little more difficult. I like to stay in control and to know what is happening. That way I’ll feel safe and I’ll be able to plan.

But sometimes the best thing to do is to let go. You’re not going to get down the river if you never let go of the bank.

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